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Visual Resonance Media is dedicated to the art of producing creative visual works giving each client quality and timeless value. Striving to make every production a visual keepsakes filled with magic felt in the living moment. Leaving an impression that visually resonate in the mind's eye.

Aloha, my name is Daniel Emhof. I have been working professionally here in Hawaii in this field since 2004. I am owner of Visual Resonance Media Hawaii, and have the distinct honor of also being the Director of the Molokai office of Akakū, Maui County Community Media, serving Maui County with Public Access Media, training and education.

I continue to film, edit and produce local, private, public, for profit and non-profit media productions daily for clients statewide. As a resident of Molokai, my experience filming in remote locations has given me many unique challenges. These challenges give me the ability to adapt to any situation with stunning results.

I am an independent film maker, photographer, editor, producer, and website designer who celebrates the fact that life is the greatest story ever told. My love for this story gives me the ability to frame and focus on the present unfolding moments as it can best be told. My production style is unobtrusive and clean. In post production everything is carefully edited, painstakingly color balanced and sound design engineered. As a certified commercial drone pilot, I love to add stunning aerial footage to my productions.


VISUAL RESONANCE MEDIA is a complete, independent, production, post-production and photography media studio power house.

My website design is modern and engaging. The film production and photography skills I continue to sharpen play a key roll in what makes my websites stand apart with cinematic original content. As my client, you will enjoy an all original content rich website fitting the style and taste of you, your business, organization, products and clientele with reliable website support whenever needed.

Please contact me to discuss concepts, ideas and rates. I am honest and fair, find joy in working with integrity and demand the highest quality in everything I do. Iʻm always looking forward to focusing my energy into new inspiring projects near and far, and would love to hear from you.

 ...with Aloha, Daniel Emhof

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